Telephone Answering Services For Small Businesses


The most obvious reasons for many businesses fail is the poor planning, time mismanagement, lousy customer service, lack of capital and lack of marketing strategies to promote the business.  You might ask, why then do so many businesses fail yet they have perfected the scenarios above.  The answer to this may lie in something that is so basic that it is often overlooked.

The majority of start-up businesses are not able to employ full-time receptionists at the onset of their new business venture, and as a result, the owners resort to answering the incoming calls themselves. This option creates several problems including creating a small business image, customer loss, and time wastage.

A proven solution to this situation can be something as simple as hiring a virtual receptionist answering service. There are many benefits that are associated with this choice. In fact, the benefits outweigh the cost. The following are some reasons why you need to think about outsourcing your calls seriously:


Having a telephone hipaa compliant medical answering service is more affordable than hiring a part-time receptionist.  Hiring an employee will cost more than it would have the service per month.  While all services may bill differently, you can’t miss one that charges between $1 and $1.50 per call.  Additionally, the service is available to take all calls seven days a week, 24 hours a day even on weekends and holidays.

Create a Better Company Image

There is nothing that could send a poor image about your business than you answering the call or having an answering machine field calls in the middle of a business day.  People will often judge you on these small things, and there is a need for you to take them seriously.  Having a secretary or a virtual receptionist gives the image that the firm is professional and successful. To gain more knowledge on the importance of answering services, go to

Quality Answering Service

With the quality property management answering service in place,  you can prevent losing new customers.  When a first-time customer calls in need of a service, they will require immediate attention. Even though they might leave a message, they will most certainly hang up and call another competitor that might answer the call live.. the person who answers first will no doubt almost always get the business.

Saves Time

Virtual receptionists providers free up your time so that you can transition from being an overpaid secretary to doing what is of most importance. This could be building your business and focusing on things that generate more revenue. The answering service can screen calls and answer basic queries about your service like giving directions, business hours and scheduling of appointments and consultations.

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